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Weight Loss and Fitness in Douglasville- Gold’s Gym

Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips

Healthy habits start before you ever get to the grocery store. Preplanning your week’s menu and grocery shopping ahead of time will save time and money keeping you focused on what needs to be purchased, reducing unhealthy and costly impulse purchases. Arm yourself with a grocery list of healthy snacks and ingredients for this week’s meal plan.  A pre-printed grocery list kept in the kitchen is great for keeping track of when you run out of something.

A healthy shopping list will contain items such as:  fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads and pastas. Read labels to look for 100% whole-grain or 100% whole-wheat to be sure you are getting whole grain products.  Your protein and meat choices should be lean protein selections like fish, poultry, lean meats. Eggs, nuts, seeds and legumes are another good source of protein.  Dairy products should be low fat choices when selecting milk, cheese and yogurt.

Shop the perimeters of the store.  That is where fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat and fish are usually located.  Avoid the center aisles where the prepackaged and junk food is found.

Stay clear of foods with labels that are targeted to children – the ones with the cartoon characters on them.  If you don’t want your family eating junk foods, don’t bring it in the house.

Read the food labels. Avoid food containing more than five ingredients, artificial ingredients and ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Frozen foods are a convenient way to keep vegetables and out of season fruits on hand. Frozen fruits and vegetables are often flash frozen at the source, locking in nutrients in a way fresh or canned can’t compete with. Avoid the frozen, breaded selections of chicken, fish and processed items such as pizza. They are high in fat and sodium.

If possible, leave the kids at home when you grocery shop.  They don’t always appreciate the effort that can go into healthy eating especially when they are hungry and tired.

Gold’s Gym, located in Douglasville and Austell, serving the West GA. area.  Check us out.


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