Benefits of a Strong Core from Gold’s Gym West Georgia

What is the core?  Is it only the steroetype of 6-pack abs or a small waist?  Quite the opposite, even though those are two great side effects of having a strong core. The core muscles are actually the muscles from the hips to the shoulders.

A strong core makes everything you do easier.  What people don’t realize is that your core muscles are actually the center of your body’s strength. A strong core can make you not only stronger but also more stable as you perform daily activities. 

Here is a list of some of the benefits of a strong core:

1. Strengthening core muscles will improve posture and prevent low muscular back pain.

2. Helps avoid back injury.

3. Improves physical performance

4. Improves balance

Gold’s Gym West Georgia has begun a New Program called Group Core.  Group Core is a 30 minute group training session that works all the core muscles from the shoulders to the hips in a dymanic and motivating group environment.  Get a FREE Week Pass NOW to check out Group Core and all the other Group Fitness Programs at Gold’s Gym West Georgia

Article Contributed By Leslie Austin


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