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If you have been a member of Gold’s Gym Douglasville, or West Cobb for  a minimum of 60 days, have a valid e-mail address in the system, and you have been in the club in the last 30 days you may have received a survey from us.

The survey is called Gold’s Gym Vital Signs.  Every company needs healthy vital signs to stay in business, attract and keep customers. The Vital Signs of our business are: friendliness, cleanliness, equipment condition and programming.

 If you do receive an e-mail survey, we hope you will take the time to give us your feedback.  The survey was designed to be quick, taking about  three minutes to complete. We want to hear what you like about our services, staff and facilities. And we also want to hear your comments on how we can improve.  All survey results and comments are read by the General Manager at each club. 

Over the last year we have received some great suggestions from members that we have implemented. Wonderful comments about team members, their customer service and enthusiasm  have been received.  Those comments are always a pleasure to pass along.

We are proud to say that Gold’s Gym West GA which includes the two Douglasville gyms and West Cobb are consistently ranked in the top 10 gyms in the world.  You, as a member, have placed us in that position by answering these surveys.  Thank you for your honest survey comments, we appreciate every one of them.

Tell your friends about us.  A 7 Day Pass is available at


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