Healthy Eating Tips From Gold’s Gym, West GA.

 Going out to dinner is an opportunity to wind down after a long week and spend time with friends and family. Eating healthy and losing weight present more challenges when you leave the cooking to someone else. Here are a few suggestions to help you make better choices when dining out:

 Never go to dinner hungry. Have a protein snack and one to two glasses of water before you leave for the restaurant. When you are full, items on the menu don’t look as enticing. It’s easier to make good choices when you are not starved.

 Have a plan. Know what you want to order ahead of time. You may find the menu and nutrition information on the restaurants website. Ordering appetizer portions is a great way to save money and calories.

Just say NO. Let the wait staff know you do not want them to bring the bread or chips to the table.

 Prepare take-home immediately. If you are dining at a restaurant known for serving large portions, ask for a to-go box immediately. Before you start eating put ½ of the served portion in the to-go box.

Eat slowly. Put your fork down after every bite. Be the last person to finish their meal.

 Focus on the conversation. Eating out is a social event and a great way to spend time with family and friends. Make friendship the center of the attention and not the food.

We want to hear from you. What are your favorite tips for eating out on a diet?

Gold’s Gym, Douglasville and West Cobb have nationally certified trainers on staff to help you meet your healthy weight loss goals.


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