Gold’s Gym West GA – What’s On Your Playlist?

You already know the benefits of exercising, but did you know that exercising and listening to music has extra benefits. Listening to music while you exercise is an easy way to make exercise more enjoyable, you exercise longer, and it makes you work harder while exercising.

A study published on ABC’s Technology and Science online section showed that “On average, the participants performed more than twice as well on a verbal fluency test after listening to music while exercising than they did after exercising without the music.” The study showed that the type of music wasn’t relevant, even though participants in the first study listened to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Additionally, other studies have shown that exercising with music also increases mental capacity in aging adults.

Use Music to Reward yourself.  Each time you meet one of your goals, download your favourite tunes. Listening to music is a motivator. It can change your mood. Upbeat songs make you happy, positive and more confident.

If you don’t already own an ipod, participate in our Stronger Than Contest on Facebook and you will have a chance to win an ipod Nano.

Share your motivating music and tell us what’s on your playlist.

 Gold’s Gym West GA. –  Douglasville and West Cobb


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