Are You Ready For The Peachtree Road Race?

Leah Derringer, Gold’s Gym team member and marathon runner, will be running the Peachtree Road Race on July 4th.  We asked her how she fuels her body as she prepares for the race.  Following are some of her pre- race habits and good nutrition tips that she shared with us.

Prior to Race Day:

Leah makes sure she is consuming nutritious foods such as whole grains, lean meats, vegetables and fruit. She eats smaller meals throughout the day to provide the fuel her body requires.  Runners need more energy during the day than sedentary people so eating every few hours will help maintain energy level.

It is important to include extra carbohydrates in your daily intake but it is not necessary to carb –load.  She usually has a pasta dinner before the race to give her extra energy on race day.  Portion control is still important.

Drink water and lots of it! Make sure you are drinking plenty of water prior to race day.  You will be glad you spent your days hydrating yourself come race day, especially when you will be running in the hills, humidity and heat of Atlanta.

Race Day:

If you plan on eating before the start of the race make sure you eat at least 1 + hours before and consume at least 8 oz. of water before the race.

Leah suggests choosing foods high in carbohydrates such as a piece of toast with peanut butter or banana.  Stay away from high-fiber foods.

Post Race: 

It is important to get a recovery drink within 30 minutes after the race.  Make sure you stay hydrated all day.

We would love to hear some of your suggestions for how you fuel -up for the Peachtree. Let us hear from you.

Gold’s Gym West GA., a great place to get in shape for any race.


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