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Weight Loss Tips From Gold’s Gym Douglasville, GA

It is no secret that Americans are eating larger portions of foods.  Fast food restaurants are pricing the larger portions at value prices that we have a hard time refusing. One double cheeseburger can add an excess of 65 grams of fat which is about the amount of fat the average American should have in one day.  

We know portion control is important in reaching and maintaining a healthy weight.  Yet with super -sized portions and larger serving plates we lose perspective of what is a controlled portion? It can be confusing.  RealAge website has a great 1 minute video that shows you what portion control should look like.

If you wonder how much you should be eating, go to MyPyramid.gov and enter your age, sex and activity level. It will tell you how many calories and amounts you should consume from all food groups.

Gold’s Gym  can help you start on a healthier lifestyle!  Learn more today!

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