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Gold’s Gym West Georgia Members – What Is Your Story?

I’ve been thinking again about the changes we go through when we reach certain personal goals. Most of us anticipate these destinations as clear and certain experiences of self actualization, becoming the best of who we are. I believe this has been true with everyone of our Gold’s Gym members who have done what they set out to do.

They tell us something this important does not happen with a simple wish, but requires a soulful fire deep down low. The wish becomes desire and the first match is struck as the wildfire of change begins to spread.

We each have a story. What we tell ourselves about our story controls our destiny, informing us whether or not we are truly capable of becoming more. All of us have a unique tale of family, friends, schools, romance, marriage, births, deaths, tragedies and triumphs. This life-long drama has made us who we are. But story creates the lens through which we see ourselves and sometimes blurs the real truth of what we can accomplish. We must understand the incredible power we can obtain and look beyond false limitations.

What force is this that enables us to see through the mist of our past so that we come to know the divine power of self actualization in our future? Is it a whisper from the breath of God or an epiphany of the soul? I believe it is both, in that order, and thus we find the strength to change our lives and become who we are meant to be. We can do anything if we believe in ourselves. Listen to the deep voice inside your chest and take action. Then feast on your possibilities and know yourself again for the first time.

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Tom Butler, Gold’s Gym, Douglasville, GA.


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