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Summer Shape Up with Gold’s Gym Group Fitness Classes!

Group exercise classes provide the comprehensive experience: You get a full-body workout, and you burn the most calories and have fun while you’re doing it.  Better yet, when going to the gym is fun, you’re more likely to stick with it over time. You forget for a while the actual work you’re doing.  You get connected with the exercise because you’re engaged with your instructor, the people around you and the music.

You’ll get the motivation, accountability and structure that’s often missing from solo exercise, and chances are you’ll end up working harder in class than you would on your own. Your instructor is going to push you to do five more reps, to push for 10 seconds longer.

If your goal is to increase your overall fitness level, then cardio classes are the way to go. You’ll burn tons of calories and improve your heart health, stamina and strength with fun, fast-paced interval training.  Look for classes like Step or Zumba to have tons of fun and burn calories at the same time!

 Want a long, lean figure and excellent flexibility? Check out yoga and Pilates classes. These classes will strengthen and lengthen your muscles, and the calm pace and fluid movements can help relieve the stress of your day.

Want to burn major calories? You’ll work off between 600 and 800 calories during a cycling class — not to mention increasing your cardiovascular endurance and building leg strength and stamina.

Looking for high-intensity exercise that really kicks? Look for a kickboxing class! It’s a  powerful full-body workout, allowing you to completely unleash in class.

Article Contributed by Gold’s Gym Group Fitness Director, Leslie Austin

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