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Gold’s Gym wants to Help you Lift your Energy Level!

Wake up and Look at the Sun! Exposing yourself to two minutes of bright light as soon as you wake up signals the body to shut down its production of melatonin, a sleep hormone that can cause you to feel draggy.  A morning blast of light tells your brain to quit making melatonin so energy levels can effectively soar.”

Bananas at Breakfast:  Tuft University researchers say you’ll increase your energy 20 percent for two hours straight. Experts credit this fruit’s large amount of potassium–a mineral that stimulates muscles, nerves and brain cells to function at their peak. For a little extra get-up-and-go, break up a banana and add it to your favorite cereal.

Avoid the Mid-Morning Yawn with Nuts:  Noshing mid-morning on the healthy monounsaturated plant fats that nuts possess has been shown to wake up the prefrontal cortex–the area of the brain that helps you think clearly and multitask with ease.

Stop Feeling Sluggish with Stretches:   Sluggishness often settles in after a long desk-bound morning. Fortunately, a 30-second stretch-fest can boost energy and concentration 55 percent for one hour (by increasing heart rate and oxygen uptake), say Stanford University researchers.

Pace Up Your Late Afternoon:  Pacing back and forth a few times while you’re on the phone can cut fatigue in half. The reason: Multitasking–by combining easy activity with chatting–energizes the entire central nervous system to give you an energy charge

Liven Up the Night with a Silly Sitcom: Laughing at your favorite sitcom can cut your evening fatigue level in half  Scientists say laughter naturally improves insulin sensitivity, helping brain cells soak up energy-boosting blood sugar and giving you a lift.

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