A Gold’s Gym Birthday Challenge


 With my 40th birthday rapidly approaching, I didn’t want a milestone like that to pass as if was just another day so I issued myself a challenge! I set the goal to run a marathon. Competing in a marathon was the goal; the challenge was that I was not a runner.

With little time to waste, I began looking for a marathon to enter.  Because of the timing I could not find a marathon to compete in but I did sign up for a half marathon.  Although I knew my lofty goal would be a challenge, the one thing I didn’t expect was that the training would turn out to be the best part of this journey!

Justin, a membership counselor with Gold’s Gym in Austell and marathon runner, agreed to help me train.  I had a 7 day training schedule. The training forced me to take time out for myself which I have never been good at doing. During the scheduled runs, I found myself meditating. I would concentrate on the good things in my life. I also took this time to reflect on the parts of my life that needed adjusting and identified roadblocks and challenges I could change.  It was very powerful.

The day of the race finally arrived. My goal now was to compete in the half marathon without stopping. To keep my breathing controlled and maintain my pace I meditated on the next chapter of my life and what I wanted to accomplish.  For inspiration to keep going I looked around at others running alongside me. Their determination motivated me to keep going. It was at the 10th mile marker that  I realized we have the power within ourselves to accomplish whatever we truly want. Age is not a limitation. All that is required is a goal and to start moving! 

I have now successfully completed two half marathons, improved my time and I have not stopped running since.

Marie Smith
Gold’s Gym West Cobb
Membership Manager


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