Springtime And Fresh Habits Go Hand-in-Hand

Time for Spring Cleaning 

Springtime is a  favorite time of the year.  The trees are bursting with new leaves; flowers are beginning to bud.  The cold dreary days of winter have been replaced with warmer, sunny days.

 Spring is a time for renewal…for fresh starts. It is an opportunity to reassess current goals. Examine habits that no longer serve you well and replace them with habits that are positive.  Here are a few suggestions…

 Eat Healthier. Fresh veggies will soon be arriving at the farmer’s market and grocery stores.  Commit to eating one new veggie and fruit each week.  Plant a veggie garden.  Try a new healthy recipe.

 Get Active.  Exercise. If you have not made exercise a priority, start by adding 15 minutes of activity in your day. Park as far away from your destination as possible, keep a pair of comfortable shoes in your car for that spontaneous walk.  If you have been thinking about taking that new exercise class at the gym, try it.

 Eliminate Stress. Take some time to evaluate what causes the stress in your life.  There are some things you have no control over…so let them go.  Identify the items you have control over and establish a plan to fix them.  Do you need to pay more attention to your finances, or your relationships?  Enroll in a class; take up a hobby that you have talked about for years.

Be kind to yourself.  Let go of the self- defeating attitude.  Let go of guilt from past mistakes. Take time and enjoy the roses that will soon be in full bloom….

Gold’s Gym in Douglasville, GA and Austell GA have a team of nationally certified Personal Trainers to help you set and achieve your fitness and healthy lifestyle goals.


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