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Douglasville Get Active!

Are you a sports fanatic? I know I am. I keep up with all sports, even the sports that I am not as into.  I can talk sports with anybody. Call it crazy, but, yes I think I’m a sports “guru.”

I always wanted to play professional sports, specifically baseball. I don’t think we, as sports fans, realize how much hard work and dedication professional athletes have to put in during their off-season just to keep their edge. These professionals are the best athletes in the world; performing in front of millions of people.

Sometimes, I think all we sports fans see is the “glitz and glam” of the game and the players. We see the end results of their dedication and hard work. But, in order to perform at the level they perform at regularly, the work ethic of a professional athlete is impeccable on the field or in the gym. They work hard and they know the importance of staying fit and on top of their game.

We all can’t work out with the intensity of a professional athlete; however, we can give it our best efforts when we exercise or hit the gym. Whether you are an athlete striving for your ”big break’, or just a regular ‘Joe or Jane” trying to stay healthy, participating in sports, working out at the gym is important.

If you are a parent or grandparent, let your children see you exercise and have fun.  Better yet, involve them, have some fun, get active, play sports, get healthy, stay healthy. NO EXCUSES! What do you think?
Article Contributed by:  Will Hunter, Membership Counselor, Gold’s Gym, Chapel Hill

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