Healthy Eating Tips from Gold’s Gym, Douglasville, GA

This is the first of a series on healthy eating tips from Dave Hansey.   Dave is looking forward to sharing lots of tips and recipes.  There is so much information available to us about losing weight or being healthy and sometimes that can be overwhelming.  Breaking it down into smaller pieces can really help you to achieve big goals.   If your goal is to lose 50 pounds, it can seem daunting.  Working out, cardio, eating better – so many things and that is why many people fail when trying to losing weight.

Changing your diet can be time consuming in the beginning as you try to make these major modifications and I watch people daily struggle with the information overload.  Carbs, protein, supplements, vegetables, calories — oh where to start?    So start RIGHT HERE WHERE YOU ARE NOW…..

1 – Keep a food journal this week of everything you eat.   Of course try to make good choices but really focus on recording everything you put in your mouth.  ( beverages, gum, candy, grocery store samples — everything that goes into your mouth)

2 – Drink 8 glasses of water each and every day.

That’s it — This will give you a benchmark for where you are with your food diary and will hydrate your body with the water.   Start small with two changes.   Once you accomplish those for the week, you can move on to other small goals next week.  Yes, it is not as drastic as a total life change but it is also something that can actually be accomplished and if you continue this, these little things will become lifestyle habits.

Dave Hansey is a certified Personal Trainer with Gold’s Gym, Douglasville GA.


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