Douglasville Resident Wins National Wrestling Competition

Micheal White was a wrestler in high school and was always in great shape, but after getting married and starting a less active job he gradually made his way to 340 pounds. He never really thought of it as a problem and just became the “funny fat guy” at work and home.  But after looking at pictures noticed how much the weight had gotten out of control. 

 “I had already started my weight loss journey several times before FINALLY making the decision to take it seriously.  When I came to Gold’s Gym I had already lost 50 pounds just by changing my eating habits, but I was stuck.  The programs at Gold’s Gym are what helped push me beyond what I had hoped!  When I started at Gold’s Gym I took advantage of the GREAT classes!  I love Group Power and Zumba the most!  By utilizing the programs at Gold’s Gym West Georgia I have lost a total of 120 pounds and achieved not only my weight goal, but also competed in the 2011 U.S. Veterans Folkstyle National Championships and won a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!”

Learn More about how Gold’s Gym can help you be your own success story!


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