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Don’t let allergies get in the way of your outdoor workout

Nothing starts the day better than an early morning run or a brisk walk. But for people with allergies it can lead to sneezing or itchy, watery eyes. Active people with allergies face many challenges outdoors. And when people want to get outside the most, during summer months, the levels of ragweed pollen and mold are at their highest.

Don’t give up though, there are plenty of things you can do to combat symptoms. After you’ve been participating in an activity outside, shower immediately. The allergens that stuck to your skin, hair, eyes or workout gear won’t stay with you. Check the allergy forecast and schedule your activities when the air quality and current conditions in your area are best.

Use these five tips to help prevent your allergies from dictating when and where you do the activities you enjoy:

o Check the forecast: pollen counts are highest on hot, dry, windy days.
o Be a night owl: move your workout to the evening to avoid peak pollen and mold times.
o Rock the shades: don’t forget that sunglasses not only protect from UV rays, but can keep pollen out of your eyes as well.
o Don’t sweat the rain: a warm, breezy morning might sound like exercise heaven, but pollen levels are lower after a downpour.
o Eye on the storm: beware of spring thunderstorms as they may actually stir up the pollen and make symptoms worse.

Use those tips and you can outrun that runny nose! 
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