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Gold’s Gym Personal Training Consistency is the Key!

Consistency and Change is the Ying and Yang of fitness.  When staring a new habit or exercising, it is important to be consistent. Pick a time that works best in your schedule. If you are a morning person and have more flexibility in your morning schedule make that time of day your time for exercise. It should be like brushing your teeth.  Put it in your schedule and make it a priority.

Change up your exercise routine.  Your muscles have a memory just like your brain. You need to change up what you are doingevery 6-8 weeks to challenge your body to reach new levels. For best results, a combination of resistance training, cardiovascular training, and proper nutrition is a must. Change it up and make it fun!

Keep Nutrition Simple – Choose whole foods. Reading labels can be overwhelming.  Stick with fresh, whole foods that don’t require labels. Think fruit, vegetable and lean meat.

 Water – Although the FDA suggests a minimum of 64 oz. of water day, your body may need more.  If you are thirsty your body has already reached the point of dehydration. Running your body without water is like running your car without oil in it.

 These great tips are compliments of Gold’s Gym Personal Trainer Sarah Lowrey, NSCA Certified Personal Trainer with a BS in Exercise Science, FSU 2009.

Ready to let a Gold’s Gym Personal trainer like Sarah help you reach your goals?  Get more information today!

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