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Gold’s Gym Personal Training Fitness Tip

Julie Ross known for her super charged Group Training Classes which include Kettle to the Core, Ab and Arm Attack, and OMG My Legs, shares some of her motivation tips that keep her clients and members focused on achieving their goals.

A healthy lifestyle and weight is within your reach when you set small attainable goals. Have a picture of yourself at a weight you felt good at or an outfit you want to fit in.  Put it in a place where you can see it regularly, the bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator.

Food Preparation and planning is important to your success if losing weight is your goal.  Eat Clean, fresh foods and avoid processed foods.  Make the time to plan meals ahead of time so you don’t find yourself pressed for time, hungry and in the drive thru ordering processed foods. Your body deserves the best.
If you eat it, write it down. Keep a Food Diary.  It makes you accountable and we all have a tendency to overestimate how active we are and underestimate how much we eat. Be truthful and accountable to yourself.

Don’t sabotage yourself  with self -defeating talk such as “should get in shape” and should have exercised yesterday”. Stop the negative thoughts and JUST GET UP AND MOVE. Park a little farther away, take the stairs, dance to the music. It will feel good.

When pursuing any goal, motivation is imperative for success. Motivation comes in many forms.  Some people are so driven and self- motivated they are able to accomplish their goal with little help. Others need different degrees or motivation. Some flourish with one-on-one sessions with a Trainer, others prefer Group Training Classes or Boot Camp that combine the benefits of having a Personal Trainer AND it fits nicely into any budget because you are in a group environment.  Whatever your motivational needs are there is something for everyone.  Learn More about Gold’s Gym Personal Training today!


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