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More Love…Less Handles at Gold’s Gym

Whether you’re on your second date or celebrating your 22nd anniversary, one thing is true: Relationships require work. But not necessarily the kind you might expect. As it turns out, couples that exercise together strengthen more than their muscles; they also strengthen their romantic connection. (If your spouse still needs to join the gym, you should know that Gold’s Gym offers household add-on deals that let your spouse sign up at a significantly reduced monthly rate.)

“Your endorphin and pheromone levels are at their highest after a session at the gym,” says Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute member Belisa Vranich, a clinical psychologist and author of Get a Grip: Your Two-Week Mental Makeover. These are the feel-good hormones linked to arousal and attraction—and they can have a powerful effect on you and your partner: “They automatically make you like the person you’re with even more, regardless of whether you’re a happy new couple or on the brink of a breakup,” she says.

Get more information on joint memberships, family add-on and reduced spousal rates today!  Give your Valentine the gift of More Love and Less Handles!


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