Can Wearing Certain Shoes Tone the Hips and Legs?

You have all seen the commercials for the new lines of toning shoes…but do they work?  The basic premise of the shoes is to provide instability through various designs  such as the “rockerlike soles” and air pockets built into the shoes which make it more challenging for the wearer to maintain balance.  Conceptually, this is similar to the difficulty that’s encountered when trying to maintain balance upon an unstable object such as a wobble board.

Promoters often point to a study that was done at the University of Delaware.  In the study five women walked for five minutes on a treadmill three different ways: wearing the toning shoes, wearing regular walking shoes and barefoot.  It was found that toning shoes produced significantly greater muscle activity in the gluteals, hamstrings and calves.

However, the study had many limitations.  It was short duration (involving only 500 steps), had a small number of subjects and wasn’t published in a peer-review journal.  Moreover, the study was funded by a manufacturer of the shoes.

Bottomline, the best way to tone hips, legs and thighs is to work those muscles regularly with or without expensive toning shoes.  Gold’s Gym can help!Find out more about the weight loss and toning programs at Gold’s Gym!


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