Creating Exercise Habits with Gold’s Gym Group Fitness

The beginning of the year is often a time when many people commit to a New Year’s resolution. Research indicates that approximately 45% of the population commits to at least one resolution but of those that do, the vast majority have abandoned it by Valentine’s Day.

How do we become one of the fitness faithful?  Check out the following list to help create positive fitness habits.


Find Something You Enjoy!  People think that fitness has to be hard, uncomfortable, and even boring.  Group Fitness have proven to be an enticing form of exercise.  The music, instructor, and the group setting can create a form of escape,  a positive and welcoming experience.  Initially, many people gravitate toward exercise equipment because its simple and accessible.  But exercise adherence becomes harder to maintain because there is no emotional attachment to a machine.  Why?  It is because this form of exercise requires large amounts of intrinsic self-motivation to stay committed.  With Group Fitness, a great portion of the motivation is driven by the external environment.

Exercise  in a Group with Another Person.  Exercise retention is improved when exercising in a group and/or with another person.  Group Fitness is a social atmosphere.  A type of pack energy exists that draws you in, motivates you, and builds loyalty between you and your fellow exerciser.  Plus, a positive exercise experience will keep you coming back for more – helping you keep your committment.

Learn more about the Group Fitness Programs at Gold’s Gym!  A great way to stay motivated and keep your New Year Goals!!


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