Resolve to Take the Time to Change your Life

There comes a time for each of us, whether it is through a sickness, a divorce, a death of someone close to us, a financial hardship, or some other crisis, that we will each say, “It’s time. It’s time for a change. It’s time to find out who I really am, who I really can be, and it’s time to take my life to a level that I have never known before. It’s time for a new me.” As an owner in a health and fitness facility, I am privileged to get to witness these great changes in peoples’ lives on a regular basis (I have often said that aside from the ministry–and I was a young adult Sunday School teacher for twelve years–the health and fitness business makes more of a difference in peoples’ lives than any business I can think of). When people walk in the door and tell us that they are ready to see what they can do with themselves physically, they are seldom prepared for what will happen emotionally when they commit themselves to an exercise program. In fact, recent clinical research has shown that exercise is often as effective as therapy for improving the lives of patients who are suffering from depression. Additionally, exercise has been found to have dramatic effects on the lives of persons who live with illnesses from anxiety to diabetes and from high blood pressure to insomnia. It is the closest thing there is to a “magic bullet” for dealing with the physical and emotional difficulties of life. It simply “works”, but it takes you or me making a decision to make a change. It takes us saying, “I’m ready—it’s time.”

 But, we say, we don’t have time. Or we say that we don’t have the energy. Or we say that we have too many other pressing needs or we have too many other people counting on us and too many other commitments in our lives, and those are true. And, they always will be true. They always will be until we rise above our busy schedules and our commitments and our fears and our disbelief in ourselves and say, “It’s time.” Because time and convenience won’t come to us, so we must meet them halfway. They won’t come to us when “things settle down” or “the kids get in college” or “when we get a better job with better hours” or even when “we retire”. So if we want to begin an exercise program, then we set our daring goal and we begin looking at how responsibilities and events in our lives can be positioned to allow our goals to come to fruition. We start looking at the possibilities of what could happen for  ourselves and the people in our lives through the achievement of these goals–and we start looking at how we can make choices to facilitate our starting and progressing into this new, exciting, rewarding chapter of our lives. We simply begin because the momentum of our decision that “it’s time” pushes us forward in a bold, unstoppable way. It’s time.

 As we begin the New Year, we’ll make resolutions. We’ll fail at some, and we’ll succeed at some. But one thing is for sure: the ability to make a resolution to change our lives through activity is within our grasp and the many results are “ripe for the picking”. If you have never been involved in a consistent exercise program, or if it has been years since you have been active, the clock is ticking. The decision to start an exercise program will be one of the most powerful decisions that you will make and it will affect your life, your family’s lives and the lives of those that are important to you. Take a deep breath, step forward and begin. It’s time.

 Skip Johnson is the Managing Partner of Gold’s Gym West Cobb and Douglasville, GA. This article was originally published in January 2006 edition of the magazine GEMC Georgia.


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